Through integrated research across many disciplines and campus units, Georgia Tech develops innovative solutions for manufacturing, healthcare and first responders, as well as for a variety of other critical areas, including defense and service applications. Using state-of-the-art facilities and working with strategic partners, we improve society by investigating novel robotic technologies that enhance the lives of everyone.

Core Research Areas

Innovations in mechanisms enhance motion control and intelligent sensing.

Advances in control improve the safety, effectiveness and predictability of robots.

Research in perception refines techniques for object detection and tracking.

New approaches in AI improve discovery, recognition and planning technologies.

Research in interaction enhances the capabilities of robots to work with people.

Advances in system design and integration improve performance and efficiency.

Featured Lab


The Complex Rheology And Biomechanics (CRAB) Lab focuses on complex interactions of matter with solid and fluid materials. For example, how do lizards, crabs, and cockroaches cope with locomotion on complex terrestrial substrates such as sand, bark, leaves, and grass? Among other applications, this work leads to discoveries that can enhance robot agility on various substrates.


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