Karen M. Feigh

Karen M. Feigh
Associate Professor
College of Engineering
School of Aerospace Engineering
Knight 409
(404) 385-7686

Karen Feigh is an assistant professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering. She has previously worked on fast-time air traffic simulation, conducted ethnographic studies of airline and fractional ownership operation control centers and designed expert systems for air traffic control towers and NextGen concepts. She is also experienced in conducting human-in-the-loop experiments for concept validation. Her research interests include the domains of dynamic socio-technical settings, including airline operations, air transportation systems, UAV and MAV ground control stations, mission control centers and command and control centers. More generally Feigh's research interests include adaptive automation design as well as the measurement of and design for different cognitive states.

Ph.D., Georgia Tech
M.Phil., Cranfield University, UK
B.S., Georgia Tech
Research Areas