International Programs

IRIM’s impact extends far beyond the borders of the main Atlanta campus to encompass robotics education and research in international locations.


Barcelona, one of Europe’s oldest metropolitan areas and a chief Mediterranean port, sits on Spain’s eastern coast 90 miles from the French border. The city is a center of Spanish and Catalan culture and has been called the “Paris of Spain.” With its mountainous surroundings and gorgeous view of the sea, Barcelona makes for not only a rich gateway into European culture and history, but a beautiful locale for study and adventure. Tech typically offers courses from the schools of Architecture, Computer Science, Urban Design and Spanish. 

IRIM professors, including Irfan Essa and Frank Dellaert, participate in the international program by leading courses in Computational Photography and Computers and Society.


Metz, the capital of the Lorraine Region, has been at the crossroads of Western Europe since Roman times. Georgia Tech-Lorraine (GTL) offers an extensive academic program with lectures delivered in English by Tech professors.

IRIM professor Cedric Pradalier maintains the Data-driven Robotics for Environment Assessment and Monitoring (DREAM) Lab, where he conducts research on developing mobile robotic systems to monitor environments over long periods of time. Pradalier also leads courses in robotics as part of the computer science degree programs, including CS 7630: Autonomous Robots. Additionally, IRIM professors Frank Dellaert and Beki Grinter also teach courses on the GTL campus.